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Gamescom Schedule: Highlights of E3 Schedule

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Gamescom has many exciting things this year, including the Awesome Indies conference, the Witch Queen Showcase, and the Dead Space remake rumor. Here are some highlights of the E3 schedule. Gamescom has something to offer everyone, regardless of whether they are looking for a new game, or a list of the hottest releases. But where should you start? Here are some highlights and announcements from this year's event.

Awesome Indies conference

The annual gamescom event is coming up soon. Opening Night Live broadcast will begin on August 25th. Awesome Indies, a conference hosted by gamescom 2021, will also be featured. The conference will focus on the world of indie games and should be packed with amazing new games. The Gamescom studio will be organized by the media website IGN. Here are the details for those who would like to attend.

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Destiny 2 Witch Queen Showcase

The Witch Queen expansion to Destiny 2 is near! Bungie announced the release date of the expansion and details about the new features at Gamescom. The Witch Queen's trailer and gameplay revealed the storyline and endgame loops of the expansion. It will be released in February 2022. The expansion will include some cool new features. We'll keep you informed!

Skate 4 and Dead Space remake

EA recently confirmed the development of a Skate title. The publisher didn't provide a release time, but it did state that the game is still "very young." As the company continues to build its development team, there is no footage of gameplay yet. We don't know much about the skaters or music. We are hoping that the hype will pay off when it is finally released later in the year.

Skate 4 is said to be in development

According to reports, the next installment of the Skate franchise could be in development. EA confirmed that the game was in development but did not reveal the title nor show any gameplay footage. A game of this quality takes a lot of time and will probably take at least a full year before hitting the market. EA has opened applications for its Skate development team, but the game is still a ways off from release.

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Dead Space remake to be released in 2020

EA will remake Dead Space for the first time in more than five-years. Visceral Games, which was responsible for the original Dead Space game, shut down in 2017. Dead Space Remastered, the sequel to the original game, will be the first time that the exact same team will be in charge. EA Motive is the company behind Dead Space: They are committed to keeping the original Dead Space as close as possible while adding a new perspective.

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A separate hard drive is not required. Instead, you can simply use the integrated hard drive as part your system.

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Gamescom Schedule: Highlights of E3 Schedule